About Us

Mae + August is a women's clothing and lifestyle brand that exists to share God’s truths, encourage women, and promote mindfulness through comfortable, functional, thoughtfully handcrafted clothing and feel-good lifestyle essentials.


Linen Clothing That Serves You

We are rooted in 1 Thessalonians 4:11 and Proverbs 31:24-25. Our goal to live a quiet, mindful life, working with our hands to make linen garments and clothe ourselves with strength and dignity. We strive every day to be Proverbs 31 women, share God’s message of love and hope, and encourage others through His word. It is also our aim to work with enthusiasm, as though we are working for the Lord. Our purpose, our hope, and our foundation are in Christ alone.


We outfit busy women with comfortable and functional linen garments to work and live in. For women with busy schedules, growing families, starting careers, running their households, serving their communities, and everything in-between. We see your need for quality, comfortable clothing you can depend on. We know you desire slow, simple, intentional moments in a hectic and fast-paced world, so we’ve made garments of fine linen that wrap you in comfort and serve you as you go about your daily life. We believe that your clothing shouldn’t wear you, but rather elevate the very essence of who God created you to be.


We believe in mindful consumption, reducing waste, and changing the disposable way we purchase by creating well-designed, long-lasting essentials that are worthy of care. We care deeply about how our products are made and the natural materials we use to make them. We design, cut, and sew all of our garments and accessories in our studio, located in Springfield, TN. We are thoughtful about using only the highest quality linen textiles and strive for ethically sourced materials across all of our products. Because our garments are made from quality fabrics, they are noticeably soft to the touch and significantly more durable. By focusing on craftsmanship and designing classic silhouettes, we are providing you with essential garments that will last in your wardrobe for more than one season.


We are passionate about our faith, community, relationships, the environment, and the people we serve. You are at the heart of our values. Everyone's daily walk looks different, but our basic needs are the same. Providing you with products that support your life, bring you a feeling of comfort, and help you buy less is what we do.