I'm Rehanna, the founder and designer of Mae + August. I'm also the order fulfillment team, the marketing team, and the packing and shipping department. You name it, I do it!


     I live in the small town of Springfield, just thirty minutes outside of Nashville, TN. It has a very Stars Hollow feel. I love the community that comes with a small town, and I strive to incorporate that feeling into every aspect of my life. Including my business. It's more than making clothes. It's making women feel beautiful and empowered to live at their highest potential.


     Comfort is essential to me. Both in what I wear and surround myself with. I would rather have a quiet night at home watching HGTV than go downtown and have read Harry Potter more times than I can count. Music is a significant source of comfort, as well. I love the early 2000s Indie from my youth, 90's throwbacks, or Class Rock that reminds me of car rides with my mom. I have a weakness for art supplies, fresh flowers, cinnamon honey lattes, and black is my power color. I'm not emo anymore, I simply feel confident in an all-black outfit. 🤪 Although you can still catch me singing along to Fall Out Boy or MCR. 


     I believe God puts a calling on our hearts. This brand is one of mine. After getting my BFA in Fashion Design and designing Men's footwear, I finally started my own company. It took several wonderful and encouraging women in my life to convince me to put all of my doubts aside and go after my dream of having my own clothing line. One of my goals is to give that kind of love and encouragement back. I want to help women know their value and beauty through feeling good in the clothes they wear and to help change the way we view fashion.